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Need some instrumentals?

2017-10-29 16:12:16 by P0w3rXRaptor

Hey anybody who stumbles upon this account!

My name is Desi and I am a music producer looking to produce for somebody!

There are 4 possible options that you can choose from if you want to be involved with a track/song

1. You want to collaborate with someone/me.

If this is the case, then awesome! I love collaborating with other people, especially on things I am passionate about. This option will not cost any money. I only require that we both use the same DAW, both speak english, and share any monetary profits from our collaboration.

2. You want me to produce an instrumental for you to rap over or sing over.

If so, great! Producing is very fun for me especially if an idea for how it will sound is already had by someone else. The only restrictions on this option are that it costs money. For me to just produce an instrumental and give it to you is $10. If you want me to put your lyrics onto the produced instrumental, apply any necessary effects, and give it to you to upload, then it's $15. If you want me to produce a fully fledged song, with a genre of your choice, that utilises your lyrics, it is $30.

3. You want to purchase the rights to use a pre-existing track of mine in your own works. Whether it's for use in a song that you would rap/sing over, or if it's for a YouTube video.

For a single song that can be used in 1 of your works of any kind is $5. If you want to discuss the use of it further, contact me on skype. If you want to remix a song of mine, see next option.

4. You want to remix a work of mine.

Cool! I would be happy to let you remix one of my songs! I will provide the FLP free of charge, however I do ask that any monetary profits generated from the publication of your remix should be shared atleast 30% to me, 70% to you.


All of the above options can be discussed with me on Skype if necessary. If I didn't explain something well enough in this post, please contact me on skype so it can be discussed. Payment should be discussed on Skype as well.


2016-07-15 15:44:09 by P0w3rXRaptor

If you managed to find this, then you're in for absolutely nothing (: I do nothing here, but im thinking about uploading some of the music i make. tell me if you're interested in me uploading because i put a lot of effort into my songs but whatever